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        Jilin Square Circle Optical Co.,Ltd., founded in 2004 at Changchun, the Capital of China’s Optics, mainly process and make infrared and ultra violet lens, cylindrical lens, lens, plane lens, prisms and aspheric lens in small and considerate scale, especially good at the processing of infrared and ultra violet lens, and high-difficult optics like cylindrical and aspheric lens.

        We are equipped with plane, aspheric and cylindrical interferometers, spectrographs and optical centering trimming machines, which can ensure high levels of product processing and inspection.

        Our products have been widely used by customers in developed countries including the USA, Canada, France, the UK, Australia, Russia, etc.

        To expand business and provide better service, we were acquired by Nantong OPTMEL in October, 2014 so that we can make better products for customers in line with perfect program control and international management flow.

        We have attached great importance on talented people and organized an overseas high-tech administrative and technical team, ensuring advanced production flow and technique.

        Our parent company OPTMEL is one engaged in mechanical processing, aluminum casting, sheet metal and assembling. Both our two companies have been certified with ISO9001 Quality Management System. Welcome to cooperate with us.

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