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        Processing Equipment

        Edging-grinder-with-optical-centering-instrument Spectrometer Laser-Optical-centering-measurement
        Zygo-Display Optical-cleaning-inspection-stage Zygo-interferometer

        Processing Ability:

        • General Glass--Chinese Glass; Schott Glass; Ohara Glass; specialized in soft/high index glass
        • Special Glass--Fused Silica; Color Glass.
        • Optical Crystal-- Ge, ZnSe, Silicon, GaAs, Nd:YAG, Sapphire, CaF2; Specialized in CaF2, ZnSe material.
        Dimention: 1mm to 800mm (Diameter/Length)
        Tolerance: Up to 0.010mm
        Irregularity: Up to 1/8 λ
        S/D: Up to 10/5

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